For your most loved friends.

Since 1986, Palais des Thés has been traveling the world to bring you the world’s most exceptional harvests. Now, you can find a selection of their best-loved teas in one box: Six hand-stitched muslin bags each of six varieties. After all, why choose one when you can try six?

The box includes:

  • Sencha Ariake: A sweet, invigorating Japanese green tea
  • Darjeeling Margaret’s Hope: A dark, fruity Darjeeling tea
  • Thé du Hammam: A green tea with notes of orange blossoms, roses, berries, and green dates, inspired by a traditional Turkish recipe
  • Vive le thé !: A zesty green tea with citrus and ginger
  • Chai Imperial: Black tea enhanced with a rich blend of spices inspired by Indian tradition
  • Blue of London: An elegant Yunnan black tea combined with bergamot

Looking for a gift box of herbal teas? Let this relax you.