You've got space to spare.

Display your knives like the works of art they are—this complete knife set and magnetic oak bar makes your blades the stars of your kitchen. Made by the most renowned knife-makers in France, this knife set and block has a slimmer profile that mounts onto the wall for kitchens with minimal counter space. It houses a variety of essential blades for chopping tomatoes, filleting fish, slicing baguettes—basically, everything you need for feast prep.

Includes magnetic oak bar and five knives:

  • Chefs knife with walnut wood handle: 30.2cm (blade and handle)
  • Fillet knife with boxwood handle: 30.2cm (blade and handle)
  • Boning knife with olivewood handle: 20.6cm (blade and handle)
  • Paring knife with ironwood handle: 20.4cm (blade and handle)
  • Paring knife with juniper wood handle: 20cm (blade and handle)