Extra-strength glass.

Named after an old French word that means “nested,” these simple glasses were made to be stackable, easy to store and strong as anything. It’s the Duralex tempering process, you see—they invented a better way to toughen up glass and make it chip- and impact-resistant but still feel really comfortable in-hand. And as one of the oldest glass makers in France? They’ve got it pretty much down to a science. It’s glass you can stock up on and pack into your cabinets for a crowd. The tumblers are also a favorite with French moms, who love their simple, kid-friendly design and all-around ease of use: hot and cold-resistant, microwave and dishwasher-safe, and in the event that you do drop one? Pas de problème: thanks to the aforementioned tempering process, they’re designed to break into much safer, large, blunt pieces.