We’ll never stop loving these.

Voila! The original Duralex drinking glass shape is still a worldwide fave (and one many Europeans remember fondly from their childhoods). And we don’t have to wonder why they have such longevity—Duralex invented a tempering process to toughen up their glassware so it’s chip- and impact-resistant. As for the design, its iconic nine-sided shape is said to have been inspired by the gothic cathedrals famous in the northern French region of Picardie (that's "Picardy" to us Americans), but we also like it for its easy-to-hold, easy-to-care-for functionality. It’s the kind of glass that you’ll have on hand for morning orange juice, lunchtime spritzers, a mini-cappuccino pick-me-up, or a casual glass of wine in the evening. You’ll keep it for years and years of memories.