Black gold.

A high-quality balsamic can make all the difference between a good meal and a “wow” one. These balsamic vinegars straight from Emilia-Romagna in Northeast Italy (one of only two regions in Italy with a certified origin label) are made from grape must, the traditional base ingredient of grapes (skins and all), along with a small percentage of wine vinegar. Then they’re aged in oak barrels to ferment, thicken and develop that heady, balsamic aroma you know and love. Choose from three varietals:

  • Etichetta Gialla Everyday Vinegar: A classic and slightly pungent balsamic that’s great on salads.
  • Etichetta Arancio Finishing Vinegar: A full, round vinegar that works well with grilled and roasted meats, fish and vegetables.
  • Etichetta Rossa Dessert Vinegar: The most prized of the Modena line, this slow-aged balsamic has a full, mellow flavor. Save this one for special dishes, or drizzle it over strawberries, ice cream or parmesan cheese.