Win at gin and tonics.

You’ve combed through gin selections and you’ve got your ratios down. Now it’s time to take your G&T to the next level with a serious tonic upgrade. Jack Rudy products are handcrafted in small batches in the south with utter dedication to flavor and quality. Choose from:

  • Tonic Syrup (set of 2): The classic tonic syrup is a concentrate with a backbone of quinine, culled from the Cinchona Tree, a delicate mix of botanicals and real cane sugar. For that perfect touch of bitterness in your highball.

  • Elderflower Tonic Syrup (set of 2): Organic dried elderflowers and a higher concentration of quinine make this bold tonic a worthy match to stronger spirits like tequila, bourbon and rum (but never fear, it’ll still hold its own with classic gin).

  • Grenadine Syrup (set of 2): A rich-up-front, bright-finish syrup made with pomegranate juice from a small family farm in Madera, CA. Blended with cane sugar and orange flower water, this syrup will lift the profile of any drink you add it to.