Loaf’s little luxuries.

  • Hello, golden crust: Vents in the lid keep the steam a-flowing while sending excess moisture packing, so your loaves have a wonderfully crispy outside and a fluffy-as-can-be inside.
  • Room to grow: The base fits loaves up to 1 3/4 pounds—half a dozen dinner rolls, too—and the lid’s dome shape lets your bread rise up and up.
  • Packs the heat: The French Burgundy clay it’s built from absorbs, distributes, and retains heat like nobody’s business. Oh, and bonus: Ridges on the bottom help spread the heat even more.
  • Glazed to perfection: The creamy, hand-applied glaze may look a treat, but it’s also sturdy, since it won’t chip or crack over time. (It helps release your loaves more easily, too.)
  • Tough as nails: Oven, broiler, microwave, freezer, dishwasher...this pan’s game for it all.
  • Handcrafted in France: No wonder it fits right in with vintage French bakeware.