Good things come in threes.

The name “Marseille Soap” is a protected designation—to qualify for this highly-coveted label, your soap has to be made in Provence with natural oils and just a handful of other ingredients: seawater, ash and lye. At Fer à Cheval, Marseille’s oldest soap factory, it’s a labor-intensive process that takes 10 days and starts with boiling the ingredients in ancient cauldrons overseen by a soap master and team of artisans. For all the work that goes into it (whew!), the results are disarmingly simple: Certified organic, all-natural soap that can be used on any skin type (even sensitive!) without any worries or allergens.

This set of 3 cubes in ascending sizes looks great stacked up next to your sink. Opt for either Olive (the traditional recipe, strongly scented with olive oil notes) or Végétal (for a lighter tone and scent).