A soap box to stand by.

In celebration of 160 years of existence, Fer à Cheval, the oldest soap factory in Marseille, has released a limited edition gift box with 4 blocks of their iconic olive oil soap. To receive the designation of “savon de Marseille”—a protected designation similar to that of wines and cheeses—the soap must be crafted in Provence and only a handful of natural ingredients may be used: Vegetable oil, seawater, ash and lye (and never any animal fats). Fer à Cheval’s master soap maker, Michel, oversees the 10-day process, starting with boiling and constant stirring of the ingredients in giant, ancient cauldrons for days. All of that labor results in what might appear at first to be a simple cake of soap, but whose quality reveals 600 years of tradition in each block. Your skin will appreciate the all-natural, certified organic, hypoallergenic ingredients—great even for sensitive skin—while the strong scent of olive oil will bring you right to the sun-drenched hills of the Mediterranean.