Spick and span pots and pans.

Marseille’s beloved olive oil soap is taking on a new role: Fer à Cheval now makes a dishwashing liquid from their classic Marseille soap. So there’s a lotta love and care going into every one of these bottles. Their dishwashing liquid combines degreasing efficiency with gentle skin care—it’s all-natural, certified organic and free of allergens (which is great if your skin is sensitive). With the fragrance of Provencal olive oil and grease-fighting oomph, your dishes will scrub up fresh and clean. A little nugget of “did you know?” info: The name “Marseille Soap” is a protected designation—to qualify for this highly coveted label, your soap has to be made in Provence with natural oils and just a handful of other ingredients: seawater, ash and lye. At Fer à Cheval, it’s a labor-intensive process that takes 10 days and starts with boiling the ingredients in ancient cauldrons overseen by a soap master and team of artisans.