Clean sweep.

If you’re ready to go all-natural with your cleaning supplies, from the laundry room to the kitchen and everywhere in between, this is the starter kit that you’ll want. All of these cleaning supplies are formulated with traditional Marseille soap, made with all-natural ingredients (like olive oil and seawater) boiled in ancient, giant cauldrons in the South of France. Fer à Cheval is dedicated to making allergen-free products that are good at their jobs and good for you, too.

Fun fact! The name “Marseille Soap” is a protected designation—to qualify for this highly coveted label, your soap has to be made in Provence with natural oils and just a handful of other ingredients: seawater, ash and lye. At Fer à Cheval, it’s a labor-intensive process that takes 10 days and starts with boiling the ingredients in ancient cauldrons overseen by a soap master and team of artisans.

The Complete Set includes: (1) Olive Oil Stain Remover Soap, (1) Dishwashing Liquid Soap, (1) Floor Cleaner, (1) Liquid Black Soap, and (1) Concentrated Laundry Liquid Soap.