Parmesan Storage Mill

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Parmesan Storage Mill
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3.0 Stars
Wanted to LOVE it but can't quite
Everything about this Mill sounds ideal: pick your fav cheese, keep it prepped and ready in the fridge, and when the time comes, Voila! cheese for days. Unfortunately, it is a tad too wimpy in its grating power, meaning my very hard, been in the fridge a while, parm-reggiano was too hard for this to get any traction. It barely grated out a small amount, let alone the normal amount for a bowl of pasta. When I next but some fresh parm I'll give it another shot but for now my micro plane is doing a far superior job.
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Submitted on: 11/15/2018 Reviewed by: sheila Option:
1.0 Star
Very disappointed
I was excited with the idea of a Parmesan grater right handy to use in the refrigerator so it was a big disappointment to find that it doesn’t work well at all. I bought 2 — 1 for my daughter for Christmas. I want to return both.
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Submitted on: 11/15/2018 Reviewed by: Brenda M. Option:
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Did Not Work For Me
I really wanted to like this.....but the cheese got stuck every time. The design is faulty I think. I tried making the cubes of cheese smaller but that didn't work either so I had no choice but to throw it away.
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Submitted on: 11/14/2018 Reviewed by: Arpita Option:

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