Noblesse olive.

A drizzle of truffle olive oil is one of the easiest ways to level up your cooking and bring some of that truffle goodness to the table, even when it’s not truffle season. And while you may have been taught to be leery of truffle oil (fakes abound), you can trust the goodness in this bottle: The Noble line of truffle preserves are handcrafted by a 5th generation truffle-hunting family in the mountains of Northern Italy committed to harvesting only the freshest truffles around the world.

Truffle oil is generally used as a finishing oil (heat kinda kills the flavor), so drizzle this liquid gold over your salads, add a dash to mashed potatoes or gazpacho, or stir some in with your scrambled eggs. And hey, if you get creative and find a genius use for this oil, write it up as a recipe and share it with the rest of the Food52 community!