Specialty Cheese Knife & Slicer Set

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Specialty Cheese Knife & Slicer Set
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4.0 Stars
Nice but a little bummed
I appreciate that part of food52's allure is they have curated items for you. But I was bummed to find this was much less of a set and more 3 knives food52 sold as a bundle. This has been the case a few times with my purchases. I guess I just expect a little more. Three separately wrapped items doesn't feel like a set when it arrives. Probably doesn't bother everyone but something I noticed.
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Submitted on: 4/7/2021 Reviewed by: LizTerry Option: Stainless Steel
5.0 Stars
Look good work fine
These cheese knives are so lovely to look at and comfortable to handle. The Brie knife is the first of its kind that Ive had and it cuts a ripe cheese easily... The Slicer cuts A thin perfect piece Of cheese but I’m think your could use it for chocolate as well...
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Submitted on: 11/18/2019 Reviewed by: Lucille G. Option: Oak
5.0 Stars
the perfect threesome
I often serve cheese with wine and other small bites when I have guests and like my presentation to be beautiful. These 3 pieces are perfect for the variety of hard, soft, creamy cheese I usually serve. A lovely addition to my kitchen and hosting.
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Submitted on: 6/13/2019 Reviewed by: zeldie Option: Oak

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