All-in-One Slicer

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What do you get when you blend brilliant kitchen solutions plus beautiful design? You get BergHOFF, that’s what. This Belgian-founded international kitchenware company has won design award after design award for their kitchenware and mission of bringing affordable, quality design to homes everywhere. Bravo, we say.
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All-in-One Slicer
3.57 Stars / 7 Reviews

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3.0 Stars
Conceptually a nice idea, for it’s just as easy and probably quicker to use your kitchen knives for slicing (and only one item to clean). When using the slicer, I found that it did not slice all the way through at the bottom of the apple, pear, etc.
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Submitted on: 2/15/2021 Reviewed by: PJ Option:
1.0 Star
One piece broke upon first use and sliced a chunk of my hand instead of the fruit. The other two pieces didn’t break or injure, but also didn’t work very well.
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Submitted on: 1/22/2021 Reviewed by: Sherry S. Option:
3.0 Stars
It’s Fine
The slicer is perfectly adequate. It works fine, but the inserts don’t stay locked in the grey holder that well. Nothing to really write home about.
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Submitted on: 12/24/2020 Reviewed by: DC Option:

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