Power up your pizzas.

Bring some pizzazz to your pizzas with heat, fragrance and umami from these spice blends, designed specifically for Martina, a top New York City pizzeria. Each spice blend comes with its own grinder, so you can add as much or as little as you like of each (and even customize individual slices if you’re sharing a pie). First up are the chili flakes, a custom blend of chilies that adds layers of heat. Then there’s the garlic-parmigiano salt, a heady mixture of all good things: Deeply savory garlic and parmesan powder. And last but not least, finocchio is an umami bomb with mushroom powers: A mixture of savory mushroom and fennel with just a touch of heat, it’s perfect for adding depth and intensifying meaty flavors. So go on, don’t be shy: Feel free to mix, match, and savor the flavors.