City Saucery

Tomato Vegan 'Nduja (2-Pack)

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City Saucery

Brooklyn, NY
Experience unique artisanal tomato sauces like the Italians intended it. Inspired by Nonna's native Calabria, the southernmost and spiciest Italian region, City Saucery handcrafts their sauces in small batches using 100% New Jersey vine-ripened tomatoes (not watered-down tomato purée or pastes), extra virgin olive oil, fresh herbs and the best ingredients that they can get their hands on.
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Tomato Vegan 'Nduja (2-Pack)
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2 Stars
just okay
I love savory jams, pastes etc.....these were disappointing. very thick and the taste was very intense tomato with other ingredients that I just didn't enjoy.
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Submitted on: 6/13/2019 Reviewed by: zeldie

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