Finish with a flourish.

There’s a reason grilling with butter tastes so good: slow-cultured, high butterfat butters like these ones enhance the flavors of grilled meats. The butterfat soaks up and blends the flavors of your grilled goods then melts just below mouth temperature, releasing the flavors as you’re enjoying each bite. This set of 6 butters is perfect for searing and finishing off your steaks, ribs and grilled veggies, too. Smoked Salt doubles down on the woody, delicious aromas of a cozy campfire, while Pepper Mash uses orange Fresno chiles to make an American version of an espelette butter (made with warm, colorful Basque chiles). All 6 are made from cultured milk, a slower, more traditional process that lends a tangy, yogurt-y taste to the butter that you won’t find in larger batch butter.