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Fragrant Pod Branch Half Wreath

4.2 Stars / 11 Reviews

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Fragrant Pod Branch Half Wreath
4.18 Stars / 11 Reviews

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5.0 Stars
Fragrant and lovely
This half wreath is quite beautiful. The pod is a nice unique addition and the the eucalyptus smells wonderful.
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Submitted on: 12/20/2020 Reviewed by: Erin Option:
1.0 Star
Very very disappointed!!!!
See my pic of my wreath. It says it all. Refer to comments made on the Centerpiece Table Wreaths. Same applies to this wreath. Tried to send you a pic of my dried out wreath. /Users/barbaralunn/Desktop/IMG_5053.JPG I had told Cynthia P. that I had thrown this out but found it in the garage on its way to the dump. Really, it looked this way upon receiving it. No real proof of course, but trust me it was a real shock to receive such poor quality goods and the price WOW
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Submitted on: 12/19/2020 Reviewed by: Barbara Option:
5.0 Stars
It’s beautiful
It comes from Monterey, CA. About two hours away. Unfortunately it ships and bypasses me and goes all the way to Southern CA and then back up to me on Central Coast, so it was a bit dried out by time I received.
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Submitted on: 12/4/2020 Reviewed by: Kirsten Option:

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