10,000+ cooks helped us create this cutting board.

Almost all good cooking starts with honest chopping and slicing on a cutting board—now we’ve created one with you, the Food52 community. You asked for A+ quality, generous dimensions, and handy details, and you bet we listened. Together, we’ve dreamed up the best chopping, carving—heck, serving, too!—board this world has ever seen:

  • Two workspaces: 73% of you told us you needed a multi-functional board, so we made one side specifically for carving, while giving the other side ample chopping space (it’s also great for serving up charcuterie).
  • Solid American maple: 70% of you asked for high-quality wood that would be durable enough to last for years and years.
  • An extra-deep juice groove: This was our #1 write-in request from community members—over 800 of you wanted a solution for the overflow that comes with carving and chopping especially juicy items. We heard you loud and clear, so we made our juice groove extra-deep to cover all the bases. Then we went one step further, adding a well in the corner to catch drippings and prevent countertop spills. When you’re finished slicing or carving, tilt and pour off the remaining juices with the handy spout (then use ’em for sauces and stocks).
  • Easy to grip: 60% of you wanted features that would help you lift the board, no sweat, so we swapped traditional handles for an easy-grip edge. (Which also means maximum surface area.)
  • Just-right thickness: 7,000 of you put your hands up for something sturdy enough to stay put as you chop yourself silly, but still light enough to carry into a room full of hungry guests.
  • And…bonus! We added a phone slot: This feature was our innovation, and we put it through 4 rounds of prototyping until we got it just right. It lets your smartphone stand tall, giving you quick, easy access to notes and recipes. (It also helps keep eggs from rolling away.)

Together, we believe we can make just about everything and make it better. Let us know what you think at [email protected]