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And now (cue the warm welcome), let’s hear it for this enameled cast-iron pan that makes flame-grilled goodness possible any time of the year. That silicone-insulated handle folds in seconds so even the smallest of kitchens—or campgrounds or Airstream trailers—are in luck and even pops off completely so you can use it to cook in the oven. Ridges on the surface give everything from burgers to grilled bread those coveted grill marks, while handy pour spouts on either side let you drain bacon grease or keep sauce on the side for later deglazing. Oh, and because it’s enameled, this sear champ requires (wait for it) 0 seasoning.

Key Takeaways:

* Collapsible handle can be folded for easy storing or removed for oven use.
* Silicone and stainless steel handle is lighter than cast iron for easy maneuvering.
* Suitable for all cooktops including induction.
* No seasoning required.
* Dishwasher safe.
* Oven safe up to 400˚F; 500˚F without handle.
* Made in France.

Photography by Mark Weinberg & Rocky Luten

Details & Materials +-

Made in:


Made of:

Enameled cast iron with a silicone and stainless steel handle.


Square: 9.60" W x 10.00" L x 1.30" H; 16" L with handle.
Round: 9.60" D x 1.80" H; 15" L with handle.
Rectangular: 8.80" W x 13.90" L x 1.30" H; 14" L with handle.


Care & Notes +-

Suitable for all cooktops including induction. Oven safe up to 400˚F; 500˚F without handle. Dishwasher safe, but hand wash recommended.

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