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Heat: Blissfully Moderate.
Notes: Rich, Bold, Complex, Decadent.
Uses: A dish on itself. Pair it with Poultry, Eggs or Rice. Lick it from a spoon, or just go ahead and use a straw.
Allergies & Dietary Restrictions: May contain peanuts (tree nuts & seeds). Vegan. Gluten-Free. All Natural. No Preservatives.

Ingredients: Corn and/or Canola Oil, Chile Mulato, Chile Ancho, Chile Pasilla, Tomato, Tomatillo, White Onion, Garlic, Raisins, Plantains, Almonds, Peanuts, Pecans, Pumpkin Seeds, Sesame Seeds, Tortillas, Spice Mix (Allspice, Black Pepper, Cinnamon, Coriander, Cumin, Cloves, Anise Seeds, Dry Oregano, Dry Thyme), Mexican Chocolate, Brown Sugar, Sea Salt.