Let’s get this pâté started.

Spreadable meats? Oh by all means. A spoonful gets savory goodness into every nook and cranny of your bite, whether on a banh mi or as part of a charcuterie board. This sampler set lets you mix and match flavors and textures:

  • Pork liver mousse: A rich and creamy mousse made from pork liver. You’ll get a touch of sweetness from the port wine blended in. It’s capped with rendered pork fat.

  • Pork pistachio pâté: A pâté done in the country style, meaning it’s more coarsely ground and rustic, this pâté has been mixed with pistachios and fresh herbs, then capped with rendered pork fat.

  • Pork rillettes: These rillettes are made from hand-chopped pork slow-cooked in pork fat with ginger and thyme. It’s essentially a spreadable confit, rich and balanced by the fragrant, warm spices.