Salumi salute.

If you’re going to get anyone to hand-pick a sample of salami, it might as well be, oh, maybe the man The New York Times calls a “superstar salumist?” That would be Eli Cairo, founder of Olympia Provisions, and his four favorites each come from a different country in Europe.

  • Loukanika: This salami style from Greece is flavored with garlic, cumin and just a touch of orange zest. It’s a recipe passed down from Cairo’s father.

  • Chorizo Rioja: This Spanish-style salami contains sweet and smoked paprika, garlic and oregano. Pairs very nice with red wine.

  • Salami Nola: This variety hails from Italy and is a coarse-ground salami with black pepper, allspice, and chili flakes for nice kick of heat.

  • Saucisson Sec: Literally “dry sausage” in French (yep, this is a traditional French salami), you’ll find the simple flavors of garlic and black pepper here. Classic.