For the shiniest of shoes.

Your shoes do a lot of work to support you—now it’s your turn to treat them right. Keep them spick-and-span (and increase their longevity) with the right tools. These brushes from Andrée Jardin are made of French beechwood: The applicator brushes, with pig silk bristles, can be used to apply polish (and you get two, for different colors if you like). After coating the shoe leather nice and evenly, and letting the polish dry, you’ll want to brush it vigorously with the polishing brush (made with blond horsehair bristles) and microfiber cloth to even it all out. And it gets better—the kit even includes a pocket-sized mini version that’ll keep you looking put together no matter where you are. Voila!

The Traditional Shoe Care Kit includes one polishing brush, two shoe polish application brushes and one micro fiber cloth.

The Mini Shoe Care Kit includes one mini polishing brush and one mini shoe polish brush.