Today’s special.

If it isn’t already obvious, we’re big fans of enamelware around these parts. It’s lightweight, easy-to-clean and, let’s be real, waaay cuter than disposable plastic dishware. Whether you’re hosting an outdoor dinner party and want to give a nod to camp-y times of a bygone era, or just keep things chill at the supper table, these dishes will rise to the call. They’re made from enamel-coated steel with an antiqued copper rim that’ll pair beautifully with this rustic cutting board and go-anywhere knife.

Picnic Set includes:
(4) Enamel Mugs, (4) Enamel Bowls, (4) Enamel Plates, (4) Sets of Flatware, (1) Maple & Steel Cutting Board, and (1) Folding Picnic Knife