Heads up: Since each piece here is handmade to order, it will take up to four weeks to ship. (It's well worth the wait—trust us.)
These lamps designed by Brooklyn artist, Virginia Sin, are the stuff of our avant garde dreams: The stone base of both the lamps were inspired by the mountains around the world including the highest peak in North America, Denali Mountain, scaled down to settle happily on your nightstand or atop a credenza in the living room. The Kanamota mountain in the San Francisco Bay Area, also known as Mount Saint Helena inspires the second largest lamp. Oh and that lightbulb? You can guess which constellation it’s standing in for (did we mention it’s included? It is). Other noteworthy features for these glow-getters include a cloth cord, toggle switch, and UL-listed parts. Mix and match these with the MIMA lamp in your living room for some dreamy ambient lighting day or night.