Works well under pressure.

Heads up: Because this dynamo runs on CO2 cartridges, it must ship via ground shipping (sorry, Alaska and Hawaii!).

There’s nothing like getting to bring home a growler of beer from your local brewery—it’s a whole big container of your favorite craft beer. Now you can keep it fresh for even longer (up to two weeks) with this pressurized growler, which prevents its precious cargo from going flat. The uKeg 128 is the size of a gallon growler, and features a CO2 regulator cap that stays charged with a C02 cartridge—you can even adjust the carbonation level to your desired psi. Better yet? You can use it for sodas, kombuchas, your homemade micro-brews...anything bubbly, actually. Bring it to barbecues and picnics (it will keep your brew cold for up to 7-8 hours!) or simply keep it in your fridge for a sip of the good stuff when you feel like it.

Don't forget to choose the right carbonation for your brew:

  • Stouts, Porters, Cream Ales, Barley Wines: 3-6 PSI
  • Brown Ales, Ambers, Red Ales: 5-8 PSI
  • IPAs, Pale Ales, Wheat Beers, other Ales: 7-10 PSI
  • Lagers, Pilsners, Ciders, Kombuchas: 9-12 PSI
  • Wine: 12-15 PSI