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William Mason Ceramic Dinnerware (12-Piece Set)

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William Mason Ceramic Dinnerware (12-Piece Set)
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3.0 Stars
Great Dishes - Terrible Stickers
My husband and I were very excited to receive these dishes off of our wedding registry and put them to use. However, we were incredibly frustrated to find that the two manufacturer stickers on the dishes are nearly impossible to remove. (This was after we found that several pieces were broken due to lack of padding by the shipper) This may seem like a non-issue, but when hours of soaking and scrubbing, and then finally a heat gun, are needed to remove not one, but two stickers from every dish ordered, the initial excitement of getting new dishes fades very quickly. Hoping the merchant will take note and prevent this from happening to new customers, because otherwise, this a beautiful dinnerware set.
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Submitted on: 10/30/2019 Reviewed by: Haley M. Option: 12-Piece Set, White

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