No more messy hands.

Oh, how we love a good shortcut to whipping up spaghetti’s partner in crime (we’re looking at you, one-ingredient meatballs.) Those savory classics make the perfect accompaniment to pasta, rice bowls, sandwiches, a creamy sauce…but what about when you don’t want to endure a messy marathon of rolling one ball after another? The solution: this handy tool. Just pack in a little over two pounds of your favorite mixture, press the lid on, and you’ve got 32 1-ounce beauties that are ready to simmer, or chill in the freezer. (Bonus: You can say bye to overworked meat and hello to more tender meatballs.) Go ahead and make falafel or energy bites (or whatever you dream up) in it too!’s also stackable and dishwasher safe.