You go, grill.

You don’t have to own a grill to get those char marks you know and love—we worked with GreenPan to create this exclusive-to-us sage-blue beaut for all our chicken and steak skewers, salmon tacos, watermelon with tequila, classic corn on the cob...well, we could go on. Our favorite part? This pan’s got a Thermolon ceramic nonstick surface (hello, easy cleanup) that’s metal utensil–safe and PFOA- and PFAS-free. Plus, those raised edges let the fat run right off any meat you might be prepping. (It gets extra points for being compatible with any cooking surface, including induction.) This dynamo won't blister or peel like other nonsticks do, and the lid it comes with is perfect for steaming and braising. When you’re done taking your favorite grilled recipes indoors, you can set this stunner in the dishwasher.

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