Meet your new kitchen companion.

See ya later, cluttered countertop—this do-everything dynamo is saving us so much space and time in the kitchen. It all starts when you fold down the pretty lid, which, by the way, doubles as an instant cutting board. See all those little containers? There’re 15 of ‘em, and they’re standing by to hold all your chopped vegetables and herbs. (Bonus: They’ve also got handy measurement markings.) And we haven’t even gotten to that drawer on the side: It’s got accessories galore, including a grater, zester, juicer, garlic crusher, peeler, julienne peeler, green stripper, and bottle opener—and each fits right on top of one of the containers. Oh, and there’s a built-in trash bin for all those bits you don’t need, which—tip—you can also use to store knives with this handy organizer.

When you’re done mastering the art of meal prep, that lid-turned-cutting board detaches for easy cleaning, and the trash bin slides out for quick tossing. Fun fact: Those containers and accessories are all dishwasher safe, too. Now, sit back and admire how lovely this looks sitting on the counter.

Prepdeck Prep System includes:
* Cutting Board Fold Out
* 15 Food Containers with Measurement Markings: 5 Large. 2 Medium, 2 Small, 6 Mini
* Accessories: Grater, Zester, Juicer, Garlic Crusher, Peeler, Julienne Peeler, Green Stripper, Bottle Opener
* Trash & Storage Drawer