Prep, measure, store.

Looking to minimize all the chaos that comes with cooking? We’re about to make your day. These handy containers—which you may recognize from the do-it-all Prepdeck Prep System—are designed to curb the clutter like *snaps* that. The complete set comes with five large containers and lids, plus two medium and two small containers that sit right inside the large ones. Each has convenient measurement markings on the sides and is made from crystal-clear Tritan (which, bonus, is BPA-free and ultra-durable, not to mention dishwasher, microwave, and freezer friendly). Whether you’re storing leftovers or prepping for a future meal, you’ll love how tidy these look all stacked together.

Set includes: 5 Large Containers, 2 Medium Containers, 2 Small Containers, and 5 Lids.