Play with your food.

You can put the piping bag down—these gems have your decorating needs covered. Each one’s got a pop-off lid on the side for easy-breezy filling, plus a flat shape that’s a snap to squeeze. They come with a slew of nozzles, too (6 with the large and 4 with each small) so you can choose your own piping adventure. Oh, and after your masterpieces have gotten just the right finishing touch, these wonders zip right through the dishwasher. Here’s another bonus: Those tips fit right in the container for no-fuss storage.

Pick from two handy sizes:

A large 12-ounce decorating pen with—count ‘em—six tips for frosting cake, piping a batch of macarons, filling cream puffs, prepping deviled eggs...we could keep going... A set of two small 3-ounce decorating pens (one for sweet, one for savory) with four tips for your teensier tasks—chocolate ribbons on pretzel shortbread, stripes of fresh pesto on bruschetta, a perfectly lettered “happy birthday” wish on a frosted get the idea.