Take your joe to-go.

What’s better than an oh-so portable coffee press that’ll whip up your caffeine fix wherever your day takes you? One that’s bringing a tailor-made, medium-roast blend to go with it! The handy-dandy press is made from BPA-free materials, weighs in at a featherlight 9.1 ounces, and is lined to protect the flavor of your fresh brew. It’s a snap to use, too: Just scoop your grinds into the reusable filter, add hot water, let it work its magic for 3 minutes, and turn over and press to create over a cup of piping-hot joe.

And wait till you hear about that special blend: It was created especially for us, and it’s got a nutty, milk-chocolate taste that’s inspired by New York City (our home!). Oh, and get this: It’s roasted in Miami and ground to be perfectly compatible with your new press. With this dynamic duo, you or your coffee-loving friend are all-set to prep a pick-me-up faster than you can say “one coffee to-go.”