Look sharp! Five Two Knives are available for preorder. Grab yours before they sell out—they'll start shipping December 18th. New orders will no longer be guaranteed to arrive by the 24th due to high volume.

Our Five Two knives have handles that are good-looking enough to steal the whole show—but that’s just the beginning. After 4,500 community members weighed in, we reimagined your regular slicers and dicers as three indispensable blades: a classic chef’s knife that’s your all-around MVP, a serrated blade for breads and so much more, and a paring knife for small jobs. They’re all fully forged and crafted from super-sharp Japanese steel, with soft-touch handles and an extra-comfy grip. No other knives need apply.

  • Four standout shades: This is how we really gave these knives the Five Two touch: handles in our signature palette (very easy on the eyes). They’re crafted in a material that feels great in-hand, too.
  • Vintage-inspired details: The brass rivets grow more beautiful with use. They’ll develop a patina over time—it’s a nod to the vintage styling we love.
  • A knife for every task: The chef’s knife is sharp enough for tomatoes; the serrated knife works wonders on crusty breads (delicate cakes too!); and the paring knife’s for the little jobs.
  • Top-notch Japanese steel: 82% of you noted that sharpness is the most important quality in a knife—we agree, so we used carbon-infused Japanese steel on ours. It will keep its edge longer, plus it won’t rust easily.
  • A just-right weight: Hundreds of you weighed in on how heavy a knife should be. We designed our full tang knives to feel substantial and well-balanced in your hand but also light enough for marathon prep sessions.
  • A bolster to help your grip: We designed the spot where blade and handle meet with a gentle slope to make chopping easier and safer to do.