Sweet as can be.

These sandwich cookies and infused honeys come in such gorgeous packaging that we can’t wait to gift them just as they are (or, ahem, snag ‘em for our own pantry). And we haven’t even gotten to those flavors. They’re all inspired by a different part of the world, so you get to do a bit of traveling with every taste. The set of Bombay (chai and vanilla) and Oaxaca (chocolate, cayenne, and cinnamon) cookies, which comes with saffron-cardamom honey, will take you from Mumbai to Mexico. Wanna experience England and then Cuba? Try the Oxford (earl grey bergamot) and Habana (lime zest mint), which are paired with rosewater honey. How sweet!

Spice Set includes Ela Honey (Saffron Cardamom), Bombay Sandwich Cookies (Chai Tea), and Oaxaca Sandwich Cookies (Chocolate Cayenne Cinnamon).

Floral Set includes Golab Honey (Rosewater), Oxford Sandwich Cookies (Early Grey Bergamot), and Habana Sandwich Cookies (Lime Zest Mint).