Muffin mates.

Who knew you could whip up muffins in the morning and cupcakes in the evening with the very same molds? These nonstick cup liners are made of super-durable silicone, so they’re totally reusable—not to mention a snap to clean. (Psst...they’re even dishwasher-friendly.) Oh, and here’s a tip: Swap ‘em in for single-use liners, and things just got a little eco-friendlier in the kitchen. They come in a spread of happy hues, too, so they’re sure to add a little color to your treats.

Snag a set of 24 in the standard size for good ol’ fashioned cupcakes, or opt for the set of 12 large liners if you’re dreaming of jumbo-sized muffins. (Did we mention these wonders can stand on their own on a cookie sheet, no special pans needed?) Then, all that’s left is to decide which of these 15 sweet recipes you’re gonna bake up first.