For festive food lovers.

You can probably already think of at least five pals who would love one of these food ornament sets: the breakfast set for that friend who hosts the best-ever Sunday brunches; the ramen set for the one who’s been to every—and we mean every—local noodle shop; the coffee and bagel set for the New Yorker at heart; and the fast food set for the one who can't resist a juicy burger. There’s all kinds of other treats here too (our eyes are on the stick of butter) so there’s a find for every taste.

  • Fast food set includes 1 hamburger, 1 fried and true chicken, 1 potato chip, and 1 pizza tree.
  • Madeleines set includes 3 different madeleines.
  • Ramen set(SOLD OUT) includes 1 bowl of ramen, 1 hot sauce, and 1 boiled egg.
  • Pizza & beer set includes 1 pizza and 1 pack of beer.
  • Pickles set includes 2 different pickles.
  • Taco & avocado set includes 1 taco and 1 avocado.
  • Cheese set includes 3 different cheeses.