Your trustiest kitchen tool is now five, each with its own area of expertise:

  • The Mix Master: Your essential for cake-batter stirring, risotto creaminess-enhancing, you name it. Great for serving, too.
  • The 2-in-1: A multi-talented spoon with one side for mixing and stirring, plus a mini for taste-tasting and impromptu measuring (it doles out a tablespoon-ish).
  • The Big Dipper: A slotted design for everything from separating eggs to air-lifting olives out of their brine.
  • The Scrape & Go Spatula: This classic shape will traffic-control batter into muffin tins, reach the last smear of peanut butter in the jar, and free cookie dough from the beaters on your mixer.
  • The Flip & Slide: A pliable helper that can flip the most delicate fish filets (ever so gently now), or fold a soft, melty omelette (next stop: your plate).