Even better with time.

We can’t wait to cook up a storm in these lightweight carbon steel skillets, and here’s why: Each pan comes from a Dutch maker that’s been crafting cookware since 1851 (yep). The sleek metal surface heats quickly and evenly for no-fuss frying, searing, and sautéing, and it’s tough enough for even our metal utensils. Plus, it develops a natural nonstick patina over time...aka it’ll get slicker with every use. It’s also got a cast-iron handle that’s a treat to hold, and when it’s done whizzing through meal prep, it’s a snap to clean—just use hot water and a soft sponge.

Oh, and one more thing: These come pre-seasoned, so they’re ready to go after a quick wash with soap to remove the protective silicone coating it ships with. Creamy scrambled eggs, here we come.