The knives with a following.

Have you got options.

  • An 8-inch chef’s for chopping, mincing, and multitasking.
  • A smaller 6-inch chef’s for more precise cuts.
  • A serrated 8.5-inch for bread, cake, tomatoes, you name it.
  • A 7-inch santoku with scalloped grooves for quick and easy slicing.
  • A 3-inch paring for your tinier tasks.
  • A 3-piece set to get you started in the kitchen.
  • A 5-piece set with four knives and a super-modern block to keep ‘em lined up.
  • A 7-piece set that’s coming with five knives, a sharpening rod, and a block.
  • A 10-piece set with everything you need for your next culinary adventure—and then some.

Have your eye on those super-sharp kitchen shears? You can snag them up by themselves, if you like.