Let’s (tea) party.

We’d tell you this isn’t your grandmother’s china, but it very well could be—everything you see here is vintage. Let’s talk about that three-tiered stand first: Each one is totally unique, since it’s crafted from three authentic pieces of English transferware (oh, that classic blue!). Plus, it’s all dressed up in patterns and silver-finish hardware you’ll only find here in the Shop. Wanna turn yours into a two-tiered server? You can do that too, since this one’s a cinch to break down and re-assemble with a twist of the wrist.

Oh, and we haven’t even gotten to those teacups. They’re vintage English transferware just like their three-tiered friend, and they’re mixed and matched just so to give off that eclectic, yet tied-together look. Snap ‘em up with that stand, and it’s safe to say you’re all set for your next brunch, tea party...any occasion where scones and finger sandwiches might be on the menu.

Heads up! Each piece is vintage, one-of-a-kind, and unique. Blue and white patterns will vary from piece to piece.