Fruit and branch.

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A houseplant is just the ticket for livening up a space. And when it offers fresh citrus? Even better. These lil’ trees come all bundled up in jute and ribbon—aka, ripe and ready for gift-giving—with handy instructions to help you or the lucky recipient get growing. Each one’s living room–friendly, too (just ask our guide to indoor fruit plants), so you can have a happy sprout even if you don’t enjoy balmy weather year-round.

Pick your preferred citrus, then set your leafy new pal in a sunny spot (we’re talking “8 to 12 hours of sun a day” sunny).

  • A Meyer lemon tree with deep green leaves, delicately sweet fruit, and fragrant white blossoms in early spring
  • A Persian lime tree with deep green leaves, round and tangy fruit, plus white blossoms in early spring