And for its next trick...

If you think this candelabra is impressive now—it is a vintage find from late 19th-century England after all—just wait till you see what it has up its sleeve. Take off the top and voilà, you’ve got a candlestick for showing off a single taper. This one gets a little extra magic from beaded edging all over (and how about the way those arms flourish?).

Vintage copper—is there a dreamier sight? Whether it’s a gleaming tea kettle or a well-worn (but well-loved!) gratin dish, copper lends easy, warm elegance to a home, without all the stuffiness. We’ve brought you an assortment of stunning, one-of-a-kind finds from Coppermill Kitchen to add to your collection (you won't find them anywhere else!), exclusive to the Food52 Shop.

Items may vary slightly from what is pictured.