Empty nesters.

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If you’re anything like us, you like to keep everyday essentials like blankets and magazines within arm’s reach. So why not keep ‘em close by and add a pop of decor while you’re at it? These nesting storage baskets make a picture-perfect home for anything you wanna keep tucked away, but not too tucked away. Think: pillows and throws in the big one, everyday reads in the medium size, plus cords and other doodads in the small. (We think that large one would do a bang-up job carting your laundry, too.)

Now, let’s talk about those patterns. There are three of ‘em: stripes, lines, and blocks, your pick. Everything’s handwoven by an artisan cooperative in Peru (yep, each basket’s a work of art in its own right). Plus, since these gems are crafted from a thick cotton-wool blend, you bet they’re sturdy—convenient, since you’ll wanna keep them around for a while.

Set of 3 includes 1 small, 1 medium, and 1 large.