For happy little sprouts.

Just when we were itching to get a few herbs growing in the kitchen, these gardening pals sprouted up in the Shop. Let’s talk about that pint-sized planter first. It’s a picture-perfect size for your rosemary, thyme, basil...any little plant you wanna keep close by, really. And while it may look a treat—it’s Scandinavian-designed stoneware, after all—here’s our favorite part: It’s self-watering, thanks to the wick that’s tucked inside. (Just add a bit of water and it’ll do the rest.) Oh, and see those gold-hued scissors? Snap ‘em up with the planter, and they’ll hang right on the side when they’re not snipping off a fresh sprig of sage.

Now, about that watering can. It’s shining bright in brass, and just like that lil’ planter, it’s sized just-right for smaller sprouts. Set it down next to your new planters, and it’ll look right at home (and paint a pretty picture while it’s at it).