Sustainable sidekicks.

  • Biodegradable: Everything’s made from sugar cane starch and bamboo fiber—no plastic here—so it’ll decompose on its own in about two years’ time once its dining days are over. (That's a lot faster than the 1,000 years it takes a plastic utensil to break down!)
  • Compost friendly: Have your own compost bin at home? These are good for that too.
  • Tough as they come: Each piece can zip through the dishwasher up to 400 times—yep.
  • Cleverly designed: That fork’s got beveled edges that let it double as a knife, too (who knew?).
  • Sustainably sourced: That bamboo fiber we talked about? It comes from the leftover bits of bamboo that floor and furniture manufacturers couldn’t use.
  • Party ready: These forks and spoons come in sets of 24 and 48—perfect for those times when you’re expecting a crowd.
  • Take 'em to go: Since these dynamos are nice and lightweight, we’re slipping ‘em into our lunch bags, too.