Hot sauce challenge, anyone?

There are hot sauces that add just a kick of flavor to your foods, and then there are concoctions that have you reaching for a glass of milk faster than you can say “pepper.” Whatever your preferred heat level, we think you’ll wanna meet this box. Our friends at Fuego Box searched high and low to bring you a lineup of 11 sauces, ranging from mild to hotter-than-hot. Keep it on standby for spicing up your dishes, or—better yet—invite a few friends over, and you’re ready for a good ol’ fashioned hot sauce challenge.

Each box comes with 10 full size spicy bottles and one mini bottle all lined up and ready for tasting.

  • Heat Level 1: Jersey Barnfire Indian Summer
  • Heat Level 2: Sweet Heat Gourmet Roasted Jalapeño
  • Heat Level 3: Friendly Fire Guava + Habanero
  • Heat Level 4: Zana Organic Habanero
  • Heat Level 5: Lucky Dog White Label
  • Heat Level 6: Yeak Chruk
  • Heat Level 7: Born to Hula Guajillo Monster
  • Heat Level 8: Seafire Gourmet Scorpion
  • Heat Level 9: High River Thunder Juice
  • Heat Level 10: PexPeppers Painapple
  • Heat Level 11: PuckerButt Ignition Point