Double take.

Why should to-go tumblers have all the double-walled fun? These gorgeous vessels make your drinks look like they’re floating in midair—and make for real conversation pieces while they’re at it. Since they’ve got that thermal-insulated design and heat-resistant glass, they’ll keep sips hot and cold at that just-right temp. Plus, bonus, they’re letting you bid farewell to pesky water rings on the table. Oh, and see the raised ring around each one? That’s for an extra-easy grip.

These beauts are coming in a spread of shapes and sizes for whatever you happen to be pouring: a tea cup for your tisanes; a coffee cup for lattes and cappuccinos; a wine glass for your reds, whites, and rosés; plus an iced-tea size for water, lemonade, spritzers, you name it. (Did we mention we’re using ‘em for our desserts and smaller bites too?) They get extra points for being microwave safe, and when you’re done sipping and snacking, you can put your feet up—they’re dishwasher friendly, to boot.